Welcome to Cannapply Inc.


Welcome to Cannapply Inc.


Venture Capital


CannApply Inc. was founded on the belief that cannabis can apply to anything. We are interested in how vast the industry will become in every possible niche.  Specializing in providing start up capital to passionate cannabis industry entrepreneurs through private placement.

Consulting Services


 CannApply Inc. focuses on the world wide cannabis industry. Having over five years experience we specialize in industry education and facilitating opportunities through a large network of relationships in the cannabis industry around the globe.

My Story


Meet Kyle Wilson, Founder and President

Kyle Wilson is a true pioneer in the Canadian Cannabis Industry. Having mastermind creative new business models, that have helped thousands of Canadians gain a better quality of life.  He is the founder of CannApply Medical Services, which was one of the first cannabis clinics in Canada under Health Canada's Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations Act (MMPR) in 2014. 

His clinic's focused on helping sick and injured Canadians access legal, safe and secure medical cannabis.  Focusing on education; helping patients understanding the basic fundamentals of cannabis, the variety of ways to consume the medicine safely, how to navigate the legal medical system, and set each patient up with a licensed producer/cultivator that would suite their needs, so they could access a variety of cannabis strains and edible oils.

CannApply Medical Services was one of the the first cannabis clinics to work directly in partnership with Licensed Producers. Having successfully implemented education, marketing and referral fees, CannApply Medical Services was able to provide a free program for medical patients. This business model has now become an industry standard for cannabis clinic nationwide.

CannApply Medical Services helped thousands of sick and injured Canadians gain a better quality of life through medical cannabis. In late 2016, Kyle gained the attention of an elite group of business professionals which lead to the acquisition of his clinic's to a large publicly traded cannabis organization.  This was the catalyst to Kyle's success in the industry which helped him transform into the angel investor and industry consultant he is today. 

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